In line with the focus for 2013 under CIDOB’s “Sources of Tension in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Regional Perspectives (STAP RP)” policy research project on the regional powers and their interests, this series is a product of field research visits to a number of key regional powers identified in the 2012 Mapping Document by the STAP RP project team.

Understanding the perspectives of the five main regional powers with an interest in outcomes in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a critical element in relation to this volatile region, which is currently in a state of flux as 2014 approaches. Identification of opportunities for dialogue, peace building, improved bilateral relationships and the development of regional organizations as mechanisms for dialogue, as well as examining how the regional powers see Afghanistan and Pakistan from a broader geopolitical and foreign policy perspective are key elements in enhancing this understanding.

This report is the product of a policy research visit to Moscow (May 27-31, 2013) by Roberto Toscano and Carmen Claudín. It is based upon a series of meetings with Russian experts as well as participation in the international conference “Complex Issues in the NATO-Russia Relations: Missile Defence, South Caucasus, Afghanistan” held at the Diplomatic Academy, Moscow, on May 27-28 2013.