Exploring Iran & Saudi Arabia’s Interests in Afghanistan & Pakistan: Stakeholders or Spoilers – A Zero Sum Game? Part 2: Iran

The paper will briefly describe, from the Iranian perspective, what kind of relationship Tehran has with Afghanistan, and how this in turn relates to its complicated relations with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. These inter-relationships may at times be interpreted in terms of a larger Sunni-Shi’a ideological confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but as the…

Expansion by Stealth: China’s Interests, Infrastructure & Investment in Pakistan & Afghanistan

As the United States (US) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces prepare to withdraw or draw down their forces from Afghanistan in 2014, there is considerable speculation regarding a possible power vacuum, questions about who will fill it, and the probable implications involved. Certainly, there are a number of regional players that are likely to play a role or to contest for a larger share of the Afghan pie. (…)