Dr. Emma Hooper, Project Director Sources of Tension in Afghanistan & Pakistan: A Regional Perspective

At the time when the idea of a policy research project on Afghanistan and Pakistan arose in 2011, there had been little or no focus on analysing the impacts of the situation in Afghanistan and the declining security situation in Pakistan on the region; nor on what were the interests of the most-involved regional powers vis a vis the two countries, and how these might impact on domestic “flash points” in each. Analysis of Afghanistan and Pakistan had predominantly been emanating from the US and the UK, and it was considered that CIDOB, an independent European think tank located in Barcelona, was well placed to present a neutral, objective analysis of what was going on in the region. It was a key premise from the outset, that this “missing link” analysis should be firmly rooted in the region itself, and not be yet another superimposition of western analysis of eastern problems.

Therefore, whilst the project has benefitted from the inputs of many international experts on the region, it is predominantly the voices of those from the region itself that have shaped the focus of attention of the project, and its outputs.

About the Author

Dr. Emma Hooper is Project Director and a founding member of the STAP RP project team, based in Madrid. She is a Senior Research Fellow Associate at CIDOB. She is a specialist in South Asia and the Middle East, with a degree in Middle Eastern History from the School of Oriental & African Studies, London, and a PhD from the London School of Economics. She has worked as an Independent Consultant for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the UN, the OECD and bilateral government aid programmes, including in the areas of governance, socioeconomic development and poverty reduction. She has taught business strategy at EADA business school in Barcelona; and teaches courses on international relations at the Instituto de Empresas, Madrid. She has lived in seven countries on four continents, including Kuwait, Lebanon, and Pakistan, where she was based full time from 2004-2008.